Support Rivier


Over the years alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends of the University, and the business community have helped sustain and advance Rivier's mission through their generous support.

Your gift to Rivier helps us: 

Increase student financial aid
With your support we can provide the highest level of scholarship support, allowing us to attract and retain the highest caliber students.

Advance our standing in national rankings
Every gift helps increase our participation rate, which directly advances our standings in national rankings. Our national ranking is critical to us, as it helps us attract and retain outstanding students, faculty, and staff. Corporations and foundations consider participation rates when making their awards. Your support helps us gain additional support for the University.

Enhance our programs, services, and resources
All aspects of the Rivier experience are enhanced as a direct result of your support. To name just a few examples, your support allows us to provide the latest instructional technology; purchase learning resources for the Regina Library; equip our athletic teams to ensure their competitiveness; and much more!

Build our endowment to ensure a strong future for the University
Endowment gifts ensure the future fiscal strength of the University and ensure that support of scholarship and key programs remain strong long into the future.

Develop our facilities to meet the needs of our diverse populations
Support of alumni and friends has allowed us to renovate key facilities including Resurrection Chapel, Regina Library, Muldoon Fitness Center, and other areas and to enhance our campus landscapes through the Gateway Projects.

Serve as a resource for the Greater Nashua community and beyond
Rivier serves as a valuable resource to the community and offers high-quality programming such as the Rivier University President’s Circle and the Rivier Institute for Senior Education, as well as a variety of lectures and workshops available to the community.


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