Public Safety

Residence Security


Residence Life Staff
Residence hall security is a cooperative effort between the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Residence Life. Members of the Residence Life staff, who live in the residence halls and are on call 24 hours a day, receive thorough training in the enforcement of residence hall safety and security policies.

Residence Hall Access
Access to the residence halls is limited to the residents and their authorized guests according to Resident Life policies. Exterior doors are equipped with a card access system. Students pass their card through the card reader, and upon receiving the correct magnetic code, the door will unlock for a few short seconds to allow access. Once the door closes, the magnetic lock immediately re-locks. Desk attendants are assigned in each of the residence halls to monitor the entrance of residents and their guests. A telephone is avaliable at the desk for direct contact with the Department of Public Safety or members of Residence Life staff.

Visitor Access
All visitors must sign in at the front desk. Positive identification must be left at the desk to be allowed access to the building. If they're staying overnight, a visitor must fill out an overnight form. Throughout their visit, the visitor must be accompanied by the resident student whom they are visiting.

Door Alarms
Exterior residence hall doors, other then the front doors, are alarmed during evening hours. Opening an alarmed door will result in an audible alarm that can only be turned off by Residence Life staff or personnel from the Department of Public Safety.

Resident Door Locks
All living quarters are equipped with a door lock. One key is issued to each resident of the room. Lost keys can only be replaced the Director of Residence Life.

Window Security
All windows in both residence halls have locking storm windows. Second and third floor rooms have security screens, making it impossible to remove the screens. Fire safety issues require that first floor screens be removable, therefore security screens are not installed on the first floor of either residence hall.

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