Public Safety

Personal Security


When walking or jogging:

  • Go with someone
  • Stay away from isolated areas
  • Try to stay near street lights
  • Hold your purse or briefcase tightly, close to your body
  • Put your wallet in a front pocket rather then in a back pocket
  • Dress sensibly: tight pants, clogs, or heels make movement difficult

If you're being followed: 

  • Cross the street or change direction
  • Keep looking back so the person knows you can't be surprised
  • Go to a well lighted area: enter a store, house, residence hall, classroom, or library anywhere there are people
  • Notice and remember as much as possible about the person so you can give a good description

Where you live: 

  • Keep your doors locked at night
  • Don't let strangers in
  • Don't leave door unlocked for someone planning to come back later
  • Do not prop locked building doors open

Protect personal and University property: 

  • Lock your door every time you leave
  • Don't store your purse in an unlocked desk drawer
  • Don't leave your belongings unattended in libraries, hallways, gym facilities, offices or classrooms

If you are working or leaving class late: 

  • Keep your office door locked
  • Lock all doors behind you when entering or exiting at night

Protect your car: 

  • Lock your car and take the keys
  • Lock valuables in the trunk
  • Park in well lighted areas
  • Don't hitchhike

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