Student Life

Summer Housing

The Office of Student Life and Housing Services offers summer housing to students enrolled in summer courses at Rivier. The policies and procedures below govern on-campus housing from May-August.

Summer housing is available during the times when summer classes are in session. Any student who is enrolled in a summer class is eligible to live on campus. Housing is available only during the weeks when classes are held. Working on campus does not make a student eligible for housing.

Securing a Space on Campus 

To obtain a spot in the residence halls for the summer months, students are required to complete a summer housing application.  Applications are available from the Office of Student Life and Housing Services and must be submitted with proof of class registration.


Summer housing check-in and check-out times are designated on the summer housing application and coincide with the beginning and end of each summer term. If a student changes status (i.e. drops, withdraws or is dismissed from a class), he/she will be required to vacate the residence halls within 72 of the status change.

All residents must follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Residence Life Handbook while living on campus. Any violation of University policy, no matter how minor, may result in dismissal from summer housing within 72 hours of said violation.

Students will be required to live in the area designated by the University during the summer months. This may include moving to a different building or switching rooms. The Office of Student Life and Housing Services will complete residence hall and room assignments based on summer renovations, conferences/programs and other University-related projects.

During the times housing is not available (i.e. before summer sessions begin or before fall housing begins) the residence halls will be officially closed and no students or student belongings may be housed on campus. The Director of Student Life and Housing Services may authorize exceptions on a space availability basis. 


Students are expected to make payment arrangements with the Business Office prior to the date they move to campus. Students with outstanding account balances or other holds on their accounts will not be allowed to check in unless cleared by the Business Office.

Summer Room Rates 

$ 100.00 per person/per week                Double
$120.00 per person/per week                 Single

Room Placement 

Students may request specific rooms and roommates, reasonable attempts will be made to honor these requests. All attempts will be made to place students who will live in Trinity Hall in the fall into their fall housing assignment.


Trinity Hall 2nd & 3rd Floors; a limited number of single rooms are available. Priority will be given to nursing students enrolled in the summer clinical rotation and students who live more than 30 minutes from the University.

Additional Information 

As always, the shared kitchenette will be available throughout the summer for use by summer residents. The cafeteria will be closed.

All University policies and procedures are in effect during the summer. RA’s will be on call for assistance, policy enforcement and information sharing. Any violation of University policy during the summer months may result in suspension from summer housing and probation during the fall semester.
During the summer, Rivier hosts a number of on-campus conferences and workshops for the outside groups. Conference and Orientation Housing will be held in Guild, Presentation, and Brassard. Students will be asked to vacate the halls before and after summer housing; storage is not available due to the conference and repair/cleaning schedule. All students who can commute will be requested to do so for the summer class sessions.


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