Student Life

Residence Life Staff

The Office of Student Life and Housing Services (SLHS) is committed to providing clear and accurate information sharing with students, creating out-of-classroom learning experiences, and offering a safe and comfortable place for residents to live and learn while involving them in the University governance process.

The Residence Life staff includes undergraduate resident assistants (RAs), full-time resident directors (RDs), an assistant director, and a full-time director, who all live on campus. The staff is responsible for helping students adjust to and maintain life outside the classroom while living on campus.

Resident Assistants (RAs) 

The RAs are student staff members of the Residence Life Department. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a community living environment conducive to the social, cultural, and educational development of the students residing in his or her designated area. The RAs plan and implement different types of programs throughout the year and create and display informational, educational, and fun bulletin boards in their areas. They are also responsible for office hours, room hours, and duty nights throughout the year.

Resident Directors (RDs) 

The RDs are professional live-in staff members of the Residence Life Department. Each RD supervises a staff of RAs and oversees the every day operations of their area/residence hall. They provide resources on campus information, programming, referral, and University/Residence Life policies and procedures. They also serve on a rotating basis as the staff member on-call for the campus. The Resident Directors are available to all residents for consultation.

Assistant Vice President of Student Development 

The Assistant VP/Director of Student Life coordinates the overall supervision and operation of the Residence Life and Housing program. She is responsible for developing and maintaining an environment that promotes a living/learning experience for the resident students and for coordinating the work of the Residence Life and Housing Staff. The Director is also available to assist students with personal, educational and housing concerns. Additionally, she is the chief judicial officer to whom students will report for continued offenses of University policy violations or conduct code violations that merit consequences beyond the jurisdiction of the Resident Director or Assistant Director.

The Assistant VP/Director also oversees some other campus offices including resident Health Services, the Student Government Association, Volunteer Services, Student Activities/Orientation and Public Safety/Security.

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