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Sadie Bradshaw, Elementary & Special Education/Spanish

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Waterbury, Connecticut

Sadie Bradshaw, Elementary & Special Education/Spanish

“I knew from Day One that I did not want to attend a school where the professors did not know my name,” says Sadie Bradshaw. “Here at Rivier, every professor I’ve ever had knows my name, and they still say ‘hi’ to me when they see me on campus. I love that.”

Bradshaw came to Rivier to earn her bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education, and she is also pursuing a minor in Spanish. She plans to teach in an inner-city school after graduation. In addition to gaining a strong education, Bradshaw says, “I hoped to gain a stronger sense of who I am as an individual.”

With a heart for service, she participates in many community service projects and has taken on leadership roles. She’s worked as a reading tutor in the local Salvation Army after-school program, and has invested herself in the Habitat for Humanity Club on campus, serving as club president last year.

“I think my experience with Habitat for Humanity is just one, strong example of how ‘transforming hearts and minds’ relates to my experience at the University,” says Bradshaw. “My mind is more aware of the poverty issues affecting people throughout the country, and my heart is more open to helping those in need.”