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Dr. Naomi Schoenfeld, Education

Faculty: Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Naomi Schoenfeld, EducationDr. Schoenfeld began her career as a special education elementary school teacher, working primarily with emotional and behavioral needs (EBD) students. Her doctoral work brought her to Rivier University. After receiving her Ph.D., she joined the Education Department faculty.

In addition to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, she provides leadership for several University programs and committees. An active researcher, Dr. Schoenfeld publishes and presents her findings regularly at national conferences.

She believes that instilling an awareness of individual student needs is the greatest lesson for her students. “The most valuable thing that I try to teach is a special kind of awareness,” Dr. Schoenfeld says. “The work of a special educator is never done. There are still so many children with exceptionalities who are invisible to the system, or whose disabilities are misunderstood or could be better accommodated. If I can teach my students to notice what others may not, and to then act on what they see, then I’ve done my job well.”

Maintaining an active voice for special educators and special needs students, Dr. Schoenfeld serves on the Board of Trustees for the New England Faculty Development Consortium and the Council for Exceptional Children (New Hampshire), and she is Board president for the Council for Children with Behavior Disorders Foundation.