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Namrata Khaitan, Computer Science

Namrata Khaitan, Computer ScienceNamrata Khaitan was born and raised in Ahmedabad, a large city in the state of Gujarat, India. She had already received an MBA in Finance from Gujarat University before moving to America with her husband who is employed by Dell in Nashua, N.H.

She started her search for a university that would provide her with the optimal combination of desired courses, quality, flexibility, and local convenience. Beyond strong academics, Khaitan was looking for a community where she would have the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn about people and cultures from around the globe. “Most importantly, I needed to find all this at an affordable price,” Khaitan adds.

An exhaustive search that included personal research, meetings with admissions officers and student advisors, and conversations with past and present students brought her to Rivier.

And if moving halfway around the world wasn’t challenging enough, Khaitan chose to pursue a technical degree. “Being from a non-technical, finance background, I was really worried about coping with all the competitive computer science courses,” she shares. “I was always scared about failure.”

Khaitan has had to put in extra time and effort. With the help of her professors, mentors, and fellow students, she has triumphed. “I was able to get through all my computer science courses with flying colors—an achievement I never thought possible.”