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Michael Croatti `09G, Business

Alumni: Master of Business Administration

Michael Croatti `09G, BusinessAlready an established business professional, Michael Croatti didn’t intend to earn his MBA at Rivier University. He intended to take one finance course and apply that knowledge to his employer UniFirst’s business operations. A positive experience in his first class led him to pursue his MBA degree and become a permanent member of the Rivier community.

Rivier’s MBA classes not only contributed to Croatti’s executive development, but also improved other aspects of his life. While many people may believe the value of an MBA lies in the potential for career advancement, Croatti describes his Rivier experience as life changing.

“I’m proud of the hard work I put in at Rivier, and it has certainly been paying off for me. Rivier opened my mind and senses to becoming a better person. Not only have I been able to improve my work life and capabilities, but the education also helped my personal life and my family, and is now making a difference in my community.”

In 2012, Croatti started the “Thanks from Home” program at UniFirst Corporation. The program recognizes the sacrifices made by U.S. overseas troops and shows them a measure of gratitude. This nationwide program involves Team Partners at more than 200 UniFirst locations, vendors, and community members. Through generous donations, UniFirst arranges to send care packages filled with snack foods, personal care products, clothing, games, and other much-missed items from home.

The strong outpouring of support was immediate and has grown each year.

Beyond the accounting practice and management skills acquired during his MBA program, Croatti credits the importance of giving back as one of his most valuable lessons.

“There are so many ways that Rivier has made a difference in my life. Not only did I gain an invaluable education, I also learned a lot about giving back to my community. I now know that I can make a real difference in the lives of others…whether it is through recruiting, volunteering, or donating.”