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Magnolia Dixon, History

Major: History
Hometown: Avon, Maine

Magnolia Dixon, History

Magnolia Dixon grew up in a small town, where everyone knows each other and helps each other in times of need without hesitation. So when it came time to decide where she wanted to go to college, Magnolia knew Rivier was the right choice for her.

“Growing up in such a close community, surrounded by friends and family, has played a significant role in how I define myself as an individual, as well as how I see myself and my role in a community,” she says. “I applied to and enrolled at Rivier University because I was looking for a community that focused on the students and that had a supportive and constructive faculty. Rivier fit well with my lifestyle and promotes fantastic relationships between staff, faculty, and students, which makes it a strong community.” 

Magnolia, a senior at Rivier, experienced first-hand the idea of ‘Nashua is our home, the world is our classroom,’ studying abroad at Uppsala University in Sweden during her junior year, and returning to Rivier and on-campus living in the spring. During her time at Rivier, Magnolia has immersed herself in campus life by getting involved in campus organizations, service learning opportunities, and, of course, participating in a study abroad program—enjoying both the small, supportive community and the global opportunities Rivier makes a reality for students. She was part of the Student Government Association first as a Class Senator for the Class of 2012 and then as SGA President. “SGA service has enabled me to better appreciate the perspectives of others, has helped me become more active in campus activities, and has given me an opportunity to meet new people,” says Magnolia. “It has also allowed me to be a direct part of positive change on our campus.” 

Amongst everything that Rivier has offered Magnolia during her education here, she counts the academics and her study abroad experience as the most valuable. 

“Rivier University has played an important role in transforming my heart and mind by providing me with academic knowledge and the tools I need to use this knowledge to affect change,” she says. “One of my professors told me study abroad was a great opportunity, which encouraged me to look into the experience. I am so glad I did, because it has changed my life and given me so many new perspectives on life and others. I think Rivier University is here to guide its students in the transformation, but leaves it to the individual to choose their own path through study and personal growth.”