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Faculty/Staff Accomplishments or 'Making News' Submission Form

Rivier University is proud of the accomplishments of our faculty and staff. We will communicate these accomplishments to our internal and external constituents via the Rivier Today magazine and other promotional vehicles. Please submit your accomplishments as soon after the event as possible. The magazine is published twice each year and the deadlines for submission of ‘Making News’ are October 1 (fall issue) and April 1 (spring issue).

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Please provide your full name, as you would like it to appear, including academic credentials.


Sample accomplishment: Associate Professor of Biology Dr. John Smith participated on a panel of experts for the Nashua Science Café New Hampshire in October. The topic, "The science of genetically modified organisms," explores the science and technology of this issue by answering the following questions: How does GMO work? What’s possible with this technology, and what isn’t possible? What’s likely to happen down the road?

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Office of Marketing and Communications