Multicultural Affairs


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The Office of Multicultural Affairs was formed in 1997 as a result of the partnership between Rivier University and Southern New Hampshire Outreach for Black Unity. The purpose of the Multicultural Affairs Office is to promote diversity and multiculturalism on campus and a respect and appreciation of the spirit of diversity among the campus community. The office has a twofold goal: to prepare the University community in a variety of ways to respond to our culturally diverse society with insight, sensitivity and skill; and to develop over time a student body, faculty and staff more reflective of that diversity in its composition.

The goals of the Multicultural Affairs Office include: 

  • Providing the University community with culturally and socially enriching programs and activities
  • Increasing the access and means for minority youth and adults in the southern New Hampshire communities to pursue educational opportunities at Rivier University
  • Enhancing the presence of a diverse population on Rivier University's campus
  • Providing a supportive network for minority students on campus as well as the minority citizens in the southern New Hampshire area
  • Increasing the awareness of economic and political concerns as they relate to the diverse members of the University community

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