International Students


In an effort to assist our international students with their needs, the following forms are made available for the purposes mentioned below.

  • SEVIS Transfer Release Form is used by an international student who wish to transfer his/her SEVIS record to Rivier University. The form must be completed and send to the student’s current schools’ International Student Services office along with the acceptance letter from our university must be sent to facilitate the SEVIS transfer process. This is a must. Rivier University’s ISS won’t be able to issue a SEVIS I-20 to the student unless he/she has properly complied with the F1 regulations.
  • All new students are required to complete the following forms which are required by the ISS.
    • Acknowledgement of F1 regulations – must be completed after an international student orientation. Signing the form confirms that a student understood all the F1 regulations that will help him/her be in compliance and stay in legal non-immigrant status.
    • F1 Emergency Contact- ISS requires an international student to keep an updated record of contact in their home country.
    • SEVIS Registration Form – this is a required form every semester. A student must complete the form accordingly and send it to the ISS office. All students including those who are on OPT, OPT STEM must complete the form a week before each semester begins. The form must be accompanied by a proof of registration, insurance, and copy of the Business Office receipt of fees payment.
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