Global Engagement

Pre-Departure Information

  • Check in. Have a check-in procedure with your family, including established dates and times for checking in.
  • Email/Facebook: Both are great ways to stay in touch, but try not to overuse or you'll end up missing what is going on around you.
  • Mail: Regular mail, while slower than e-mail, still works! Sending a package or letter can take anywhere from six days to two or three weeks to reach you from the US, and vice versa.
  • Skype or facetime: One of the most popular and affordable means of inter-national communication. It offers free voice or video chats from computer to computer and has an affordable computer to phone option that allows students to call any phone number from their computer. or set up your face time (for iPhone, and iPad)
  • Photos: If you have a digital camera or decide to scan your pictures, you can also post photos online on free sites such as or Emailing your photos will also a good alternative in sharing with your family and friends at home.

Important documents and contact information you need to carry with you at all times.  

  • Photocopies of passport and visa
  • Photocopies of credit/debit card
  • Photocopies of insurance card
  • Photocopies of other identity cards
  • Copy of your medical insurance card
  • Your program's contact information (if applicable)
  • Contact information of the residential dean
    Important reminder: It is a great idea to give a copy of each to your family to hold for safekeeping. This is in case documents are lost or stolen.
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