Financial Aid



Undergraduate Professional Studies Tuition: $325/credit
Nursing Clinical Courses: $960/credit
(There may be additional fees if a lab is involved.)

For more information regarding college costs, please click here - Business Office - Costs 

For information on the University's refund policy, please click here - Refund Policy 

There are few endowed scholarships available for professional studies students.  Every student is considered for these scholarships and they are awarded in accordance with the donor’s wishes.

Please note:  If you are enrolled in a full-time load of twelve credits or more in a combination of day and evening courses, you will be charged the full-time undergraduate rate of $14,400 per semester. 

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), apply for student, search for scholarships, complete entrance and exit loan counseling, and more! Our commitment to technologically advanced delivery systems to help students through the financial aid process sets Rivier's Financial Aid Office apart from the rest.

We welcome student questions: We encourage students to contact our office at Adrienne Hall for assistance. We are available to answer general questions. Students with specific questions about their financial aid award or eligibility should consult with their assigned financial aid counselor. If you would like to meet, please call first to make an appointment or click on the "Book Appointment" link to the right.. Your counselor may not be available on a walk-in basis.

We would like all of our students to be knowledgeable not only about financial aid, but other financial matters as well. We offer two interactive sites that students can access to learn about these important subjects: and 

Rivier University also offers students a variety of payment options:

General Payment Plan (Schedule A) 

For Fall, there are three equal payments: the first upon registration, followed by the second one on October 10th, and the last one on November 10th.

• For Spring, there are three equal payments: the first upon registration, followed by the second one on February 10th, and the last one on March 10th.

Employer Reimbursement Plan (Schedule B)
Under this plan, the majority of tuition and fees can be deferred. 

• To participate, the student must provide a copy of their company reimbursement policy and a $100 deposit to the Business Office upon registration (required every semester for participation).
• The balance is due in full thirty days after completion of the class (student is responsible for balance due at this point).

Both plans require a $50 fee. Approval for participation in a deferred payment program is dependent upon your prior payment history. You may also pay your bill with your VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER card. There is a 2.75% fee for the use of credit/debit cards at the Business Office.

Pay your bill--Tuition Monthly Payment Plan For a monthly budgeting payment plan, we recommend TuitionPay to budget the fall and spring semesters. TuitionPay can be contacted directly for further information by calling 1-800-635-01201-800-635-0120 or through their website at

Financial Aid Contacts: 



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