Parent FAQs

What is the safety like on campus? 
Rivier University’s campus provides the comfort of safety similar to what your student would experience at home.  To ensure that the campus maintains this feeling, Rivier employs the Office of Public Safety/Security which is located in the Dion Center on the main floor. The security staff is on duty 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The security staff patrols the main campus and areas owned by the University on foot, by bicycle and by vehicle.

Does public safety provide escorts on campus if desired?
Any student, faculty or staff member needing an escort for any reason may request this service by calling the department’s main line at (603) 888-1666

Who do I contact in case of emergency to reach my son or daughter?In the event of an emergency, you should contact the Office of Public Safety’s at (603) 888-1666. This office is staffed 24 hours per day.

Am I able to view my child’s grades/academic process?
In order for parents to access a student’s grades/academic progress, their child must complete a FERPA form, which is available at the Office of the Registrar once classes begin. The form does not take effect until the academic year begins. It remains in effect for the duration of the student's enrollment, unless the student rescinds permission in writing. 

Are there visitation hours?
Out of respect for the right to private time for resident students to sleep, study or reflect, visitation hours have been placed into effect.  For more information on visitation hours, please refer to the Student Handbook which is located on the Student Life section of our website.

Can my child have friends/family visit on campus?
Yes.  Family and friends are welcome to visit students at Rivier University. Each resident student is allowed to entertain up to two visitors in their living quarters at one time.

How do I mail a package to my son/daughter?
Address the package as follows:
Rivier University
Student’s Name
420 S. Main Street
Nashua, NH 03060

What resources are available if my child has special needs?
At Rivier University, students with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, physical limitations and medical limitations are directed to the Office of Disability Services. You should provide the Office of Disability Services with proper documentation and testing results. The Coordinator of Disability Services will review all the clinical documentation, then meet with the student to help arrange for reasonable accommodations. Students must meet with the Coordinator at the beginning of each semester to ensure that the accommodations continue.

Is there a nurse/doctor on campus if my child becomes ill?
Students who become ill during the semester may visit the Sr. Mary Anne Quibin Student Health Services Center. The health services center is staffed by certified medical professionals who have at least attained Advanced Registered Nurse designation. This means that they can provide the same services for your child that your child’s doctor can.

Can my child have a car on campus? 

Yes. All students are able to bring a car on campus. Students will need to register their car and receive a parking decal that is good for that academic year.

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