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Information Technology

Computer Account Request

Welcome to Rivier University!

All students at Rivier must have a University computer account. Most importantly, this will provide you a University email address. All University  departments, as well as your professors, will use your email address as a primary means of communicating with you. Once you have your account, you should check your Rivier University email regularly!

ATTENTION! Due to the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we are not able to email a temporary password. Your account username will be e-mailed to you. Upon receipt of your login name, you will need to visit the Rivier University Password Reset page, in order to set your password. You will be asked your three identifying questions.

Your account will be created and your username will be sent to you in one (1) business day. If you require your account immediately, you can come to Sylvia Trottier Hall, Room 106 with your Student ID Card.

There are other benefits to having a computer account that are documented in the Information Technology section of the University web site. Please click the link below to get started...

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