The Sociology Department offers a major and minor in sociology. These programs offer students with an understanding of human social relationships and the social structures they construct. Sociologists study the ways in which persons, through their individual and collective actions, create and change patterns of social relations. Sociology provides a critical and comparative perspective of our own and other societies, both past and present. The focus of study ranges from everyday family life to the relations of corporations and the global economy.

Rivier's sociology major provides students with a strong liberal arts background and a base of knowledge about society, social institutions, and social structures, and how they affect social relations. This focus may lead to careers in government, business, human resources, health organizations, social work, gerontology, criminal justice, research, or serve as the foundation to graduate studies in sociology, anthropology, law, social work, public health, management, or any program requiring a sophisticated knowledge of society, social processes and structure.  

 Rivier Advantages:

  • Emphasis on diversity issues prepares students to work with and understand other cultures
  • Focus on globalization helps students understand the larger impact of their actions
  • Working in small groups creates a strong understanding of group dynamics
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