Behavioral Science Lab

DIRECTOR:  Dr. Karen Meteyer
LOCATION: Memorial Hall Room 301
PHONE: (603) 897-8263

Rivier's Behavioral Science Laboratory provides psychology students opportunities for hands-on research with the space and instrumentation to design experiments, collect data and analyze and interpret results obtained from original research studies conducted under the mentorship of Rivier faculty.

Lab Resources: 

  • Computer stations equipped with Empirisoft MediaLab and DirectRT software packages, which allow for millisecond precision in measuring cognition and perception from human subjects and with SPSS for data analysis
  • Space for psychology students to meet with faculty and each other to discuss their research and current findings in the field
  • Access to journals, information on conferences, calls for papers, and research and career opportunities.



Dr. Meteyer's research interests include parenting, family dynamics, behavior problems in children, teaching assessment, and cross-cultural Internet use and attitudes.

If you are interested in participating in a research study, please contact Dr. Meteyer at

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