Program Director & Admin List


Dean of the Division of Education

Director of Doctoral Program in Leadership and Learning
John Gleason, Ed.D.
Phone (603) 897-8592; Email: 

Director of Doctoral Program in Counseling and School Psychology
Robert Walrath, Psy.D.
Phone: (603) 897-8589; Email: 

Director of Graduate Counseling and School Psychology Programs
Carol A. Langelier, Ph.D.
Phone: (603) 897-8285; Email: 

Director of Graduate Administration and Special Education Programs
Ron Royer, Ph.D.
Phone: (603) 897-8590; Email:  

Director of Undergraduate Education Programs and Director of Graduate Early Childhood, Elementary and Reading Programs 
Kathleen McIlwain, Ph.D.
Phone: (603) 897-8572; Email: 

Coordinator of Middle/Secondary Education Programs
Diane Monico, Ph.D.
Phone: (603) 897-8656; Email: 



Office Manager and Assistant for Undergraduate Programs
Johanna Porter
Phone: (603) 897-8282; Email: 

Administrative Assistant for Doctoral Programs
Katelyn Pinet
Phone: (603) 897-8487; Email: 

Administrative Assistant for Graduate Programs
Melinda Todgham
Phone: (603) 897-8595; Email: 




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