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I am trying to register through my student portal (MyRiv). Why am I not seeing the course I am trying to register for?
You must first make sure that the current term, in the upper left corner of your MyRiv account, is on the semester you are trying to register for. If it is not, you must click on the semester, choose the correct semester, go to Register for Courses.

When trying to register for my class, the prompt reads “Degree Audit”. What does this mean?
When registering for a course, if you get the “Degree Audit “prompt, it means that the course you are selecting is not part of your degree program.

Where do I go to see what courses Rivier University is offering?

Where can I find out what textbooks are required for my course? Once you have found your course, scroll all the way to the right, and click on View Textbooks. You can also contact the Bookstore at (603) 888-4145 or

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?
If you drop a course before the end of add/drop period it does not show up on your transcript, and you are not responsible for any of the course payment. If you withdraw from a course, it shows up as a “W” on your transcript and you would be responsible for a portion of the course payment. You would need to contact the Business Office ( (603) 897-8488 or to determine the amount. Add//drop and withdrawal dates are posted on the Rivier Academic calendar.

How can I drop or withdraw from a course?
For most Professional Studies, Graduate and Doctoral students, prior to the add/drop date, you can drop a course through your student portal, My Riv. Go into Register for Classes, under Administrative Services. There will be a box under Drop to check off. After add/drop period, you will need to send an email to

Day students should contact their Academic advisor to drop or withdraw from any courses.

When is the last day to drop or withdraw from a course?



Where is the graduation ceremony held?
Tsongas Center
300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Lowell, Mass.

How many guests can we bring?
You are welcome to bring as many guests as you would like.

Are tickets required for the graduation ceremony?
Your guests do not need tickets to enter the Tsongas Center. The Office of the Registrar does provide students with 10 commencement announcements, but they are not tickets, and are not required for entrance to the ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?
The graduation ceremony typically lasts two hours. The ceremony starts at 10 a.m., but graduates should be there at 8:30 a.m. to line up for the academic procession.

Where do we park for graduation?
Parking is available at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.

Where do I get my cap and gown?
Academic attire will be available in the University Bookstore beginning at the end of March.

Can I get a copy of my diploma?
You can order a copy of your diploma through the Office of the Registrar. Copies are ordered through an outside vendor. The cost is $50 and can take up to six weeks to receive them.



What is considered full time? Part time?
Undergraduate students:

Full time = 12 + credits
Three quarter time: 9-11 credits
Half time = 6 – 8 credits

Graduate students:
Full time = 9 + credits
Half time = 5 – 8 credits

Doctorate Students:
Full time = 8 credits
Half time = 4 – 7 credits

When will my loan companies be notified of my status?
Rivier University reports student status to the National Student Clearing House three times a semester. The Office of the Registrar can also provide a Rivier University Enrollment Verification form to your loan company. Send any requests to

How do I change my address?
You can change you address through your student portal, MyRiv. In the upper left corner of MyRiv, after you log in you will see:
Address Change
Click on address. At the bottom of the page with your Personal Information, select change. Make sure to update your billing, local and home address, as well as your phone number.

How do I change my name?
The Office of the Registrar can update your name. We need a copy of either your updated Driver’s license, or a legal document. You can fax it to us at (603) 897-8811, email it to us at or drop it off. We are on the second floor of Adrienne Hall.

How do I request a transcript?

Why is my course still in Canvas if I dropped it?
Removal from Canvas will happen automatically the next business day. If you are still enrolled after two days, you should contact your instructor.


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