Disability Services


Rivier's Coordinator of Disability Services is happy to help students with documented disabilities secure the accommodations they need to succeed academically.  

How to obtain services
To receive special accommodations in or out of the classroom, students with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, physical limitations and medical limitations need only provide documentation. Accommodations are granted based on proper, current (within three years) clinical documentation.

Clinical documentation must include: 

  • The date/dates of all testing
  • The name, title and professional credentials of the evaluator
  • The names of the assessment instruments used, which must be appropriate for an adult population
  • A clear statement of the diagnosed disability from the doctor or clinician
  • A description of specific accommodation requests based on clear and specific evidence of a disability, including a description of the related functional limitations and a list of the tests and techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis
  • For students with medical disabilities, appropriate documentation from a physician will be sufficient

Please note that testing must be included; the University does not grant accommodations solely based on Individual Education Plans, letters from special education teachers, or notes from tutors.

The Coordinator of Disability Services will review all clinical documentation, then meet with the student and help the student arrange for reasonable accommodations. To continue accommodations, students meet with the Coordinator at the beginning of each semester.

While Rivier University does not provide testing for the identification of learning disabilities, students who suspect they may have a disability may meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss options for testing by an outside agency. Rivier University is not responsible for the cost of the testing.

Available Academic Accommodations 

  • Audio taping lectures
  • Extended test time
  • Testing with reduced distraction
  • Electronic text
  • CCTV
  • Advocacy
  • Scribe for exams
  • Readers for exams
  • Kurzweil 3000

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