Service Learning

Student Comments

"My service learning experience provided me with something the classroom never could. Working with the residents of the Hunt Home in Nashua illustrated the fact that we, at the collegiate level, have an important responsibility to the surrounding community. Additionally, my time in service learning was a great way to gain first hand experience in my field, and helped me discover the possibilities I face after graduation."

Psychology student at the Hunt Community 

"My service learning really made a difference for the homeless kids I worked with. I felt a little strange at first, like how would they settle down and participate, but I quickly learned how to make our time together worthwhile. I planned interesting projects that they enjoyed and learned from. Service learning helped me realize my ability and how I can improve the lives of others."

Education student at Anne Marie House 

"Service learning has taught me to step back from a situation and look at the different ways I could approach it. By working with (my buddy) I learned that I cannot change the world but I could give it a pretty good shot. "

Student at an after school program

"Service learning is not only a one time experience; it's a lifetime experience. I never realized how fulfilling it could be until I did it and now I don't want to stop."

Student at 21 Century Community Partnership 

"Through this project I learned I want to work with children and affect their lives in an effective and positive way. I have gained valuable teaching experience, valuable people interaction skills, various ways to communicate effectively, and most importantly how to connect with tough kids, when they do not want to connect. I have learned that people can make an impact on others. I have learned that one person can make a difference."

Education student 

For additional information, contact:
Donny Guillemette,
Coordinator for Service Learning
St. Joseph's Annex
(603) 897-8658

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