Support Services


Regina Library includes 100,000 volumes, access to licensed databases in virtually every academic subject, and computers and study space for students.

Our two-tiered academic advising system helps students choose a major or plan a course of study. Your general academic advisor helps plan a schedule each semester and the department advisor works with students in selecting specific major studies.

The Writing and Resource Center, fully staffed by writing professionals and student tutors, offers student-centered assistance and academic support with writing tasks and tutoring in all disciplines across the curriculum.

The Career Development Center offers workshops and extensive online resources to help students explore their interests and abilities and discover how to choose  a major and ultimately a career path.

The Office of Disability Services provides support that allows qualified individuals with disabilities an equal educational opportunity.

The Office of Information Technology provides students with the technology tools and support they need to achieve the highest quality education available.

The primary focus of the Rivier University Student Success Program is to connect students with the academic resources that will help all students reach their educational, life, and career goals.


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