Student Success Program

The Student Success Programs

The primary focus of the Rivier University Student Success Program is to connect students with the academic resources that will help all students reach their educational, life, and career goals. This multifaceted program is comprised of the Student Success: Campus to Community course, Servant Leadership course, Peer Mentoring Program, and advising at-risk students. Every facet of this program is designed to assist first year students in achieving academic success. The June orientation launches the introduction of the mentors to the freshman class. Within the first year, each student is required to take the Student Success course and is assigned a Peer Mentor to facilitate a positive academic foundation as key life skills are explored and developed.

Student Success: Campus to Community Course

This full year program is designed to help freshmen understand themselves as learners and servants of the community. Students will also increase their level of cultural awareness and discern their vocational and avocational aspirations. The program focuses on building personal motivation for succeeding in college, identifying and understanding reasons for academic success, managing time effectively, prioritizing responsibilities, becoming active learners, preparing for and taking tests, and locating campus resources. 

The program is designed to help students develop broader cultural and global perspectives through civic engagement inside and outside the classroom. Students will engage in volunteer and cultural activities within the community to support Rivier University’s mission to 'transform hearts and minds to serve the world.' 

The Annual Freshman Day of Service

Service Learning integrates active, socially significant service into the education experience. It offers students meaningful, community based, experiential learning by adding human depth to the theories learned in the classroom. At Rivier University, service learning reflects our commitment to action and social justice, and it leads participants to consider the ways in which their service links to God, neighbor, and the community. 

Cultivating cultural awareness sets the stage for an imaginative engagement with the disciplines of theater, painting, sculpture, and music. The link between cultural awareness and an inclusive education provides exposure to and fostering of creativity. A museum, theater, and concert hall provide invaluable resources for creative exploration an innovative thinking. 

The Currier Museum in Manchester, NH

The cultural disciplines of theater, painting, sculpture, music, and the like long have been supported by colleges, universities, and religious organizations. As a university linked to the deep and broad tradition of Catholic higher education, Rivier places the cultivation of cultural awareness at the center of its life. In particular, the cultivation of cultural awareness is linked to Rivier's mission, "to transform hearts and minds to serve the world." The artistic discipline can be transformative; the artistic disciplines provide a means by which we come to know the world.

Servant Leadership Course

This course helps students become servant leaders by studying leadership theory, learning interview methods, independently researching work on peer leaders, and developing action plans. Students apply servant leadership theories and principles, demonstrate qualitative interview practices, use effective listening skills, problem solve and make decisions regarding the concerns of their peers, and enact reasonable, practical solutions to problems. 

Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentors seek to establish personal and ongoing relationships with their mentees. They share their own experiences and insights about being at Rivier University. As an informal source of dedicated support and information, Peer Mentors serve as advocates to the freshman class by directing them to strive for conduct that is commendable, better student-to-student relationships, faculty-student rapport, and academic achievement. Each Peer Mentor will work as a facilitator of conversations and activities with the freshmen in a weekly Student Success class. In addition to providing academic support, mentors are bridge-builders between their first year mentees and the student service departments across campus. This means that students have a ready resource for questions ranging from how to get to places where certain resources are located, how to navigate through important aspects of the college experience, and most importantly how to transform hearts and minds to serve the world. Students are able to contact the Student Success Program by emailing Liz Bonin at or calling 603-897-8770. 

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