Liberal Studies


Undergraduate Day Programs 

A.A. in Liberal Studies 
B.A. in Liberal Studies 

A degree in liberal studies provides a broad background in the arts, the sciences, and the humanities, in contrast to the more specialized focus of those majors that emphasize technical and professional training. The liberal arts-centered program of study is widely recognized for not only producing a well-rounded, truly educated person, but also in providing a desirable and valuable foundation for any number of careers in a rapidly changing world.

The liberal studies major can expect to acquire a well-developed capacity for independent thought; the ability to think, write, and speak critically; and an understanding of the past as a backdrop for understanding contemporary life and society. These skills make the liberal studies graduate an informed participant in the life of the community and adaptable to changing circumstances of life and occupation.

The B.A. degree in liberal studies includes the option of a minor or an internship.

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