Emergency Preparedness


Rivier University's first priority is the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Our Public Safety and Security Office is staffed 24-hours a day, emergency call boxes are located throughout campus, and our secure residence halls require an access card to unlock entrances.

Crisis Management Planning
The University's Crisis Management Planning Team meets monthly to consider issues of emergency management and safety. This group is led by the Vice President of Student Development and consists of representation from many areas on campus, including marketing & communications, public safety, facilities, residence life, counseling, Early Childhood Center, and more. A detailed crisis management plan exists, and this plan is regularly updated.

  • Health Alert Response Team (HART) – This core group of Rivier University officials, a sub-committee of Crisis Management Planning, has ongoing contact with city, state and federal health agencies for expertise and guidance regarding health-related issues. A core part of HART’s mission is education and outreach to the Rivier community regarding communicable disease risk reduction and enhanced overall health and safety. 

 Crisis Management Response
In the event of a crisis, the administration will call the Crisis Response Team into action. This group will make decisions aimed at bringing the crisis to a swift end and minimizing the damaging impacts.

Receiving information during a crisis
Gathering information during an emergency is difficult and can take time. The University will strive to deliver as much information as possible, as early as possible, during and after a crisis event. The following are the primary channels utilized as appropriate for the situation:

  • Emergency Notification System: Messages will be sent to all students, faculty, and staff registered with the Everbridge emergency notification system. For more information on the system and to register, click here.
  • Rivier University website: Advisory messages will be prominently displayed on the Rivier University home page, and updates will be posted as more information becomes available.
  • Rivier University main phone number: The Rivier University main voice mail message, (603) 888-1311, will contain an advisory message.
  • Rivier University email: An advisory message will be sent to Rivier email accounts. Additional emails will follow when updates become available.

Help keep the campus safe
All members of the community have a role in keeping the campus safe. Students can contribute to campus security by keeping residence halls locked at all times; never prop doors or allow unknown individuals into the building. All members of the campus community should report suspicious activities or potential threats to Public Safety immediately. On- and off-campus emergency contact numbers should be programmed into campus phones and cell phones.

  • Rivier University Public Safety: (603) 888-1311
  • Emergency: Dial 911