Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Notification System

Rivier University has implemented an emergency notification system, powered by Everbridge (National Notification Network). The system allows the University to send emergency notification messages to all registered faculty, staff, and students during a crisis, emergency or weather closure. Click here for additional information on Rivier's emergency preparedness.

Log-in to the Everbridge System: http://www.everbridge.com or http://www.everbridge.net.

Registration Process 

The registration process for the Everbridge system is quick and easy. Invitations will be sent to all unregistered faculty, staff, and students at the start of each semester, via your Rivier email account. For new employees, an invitation will be sent shortly after you begin employment. Adjunct faculty must request an invitation. The sender of the message is: Rivier University membership@everbridge.net 

If you need to have your invitation resent, please contact David Bedard in the Office of Information Technology at dbedard@rivier.edu. Follow the instructions in the email invitation to register for the system. Review the information below for some helpful registration tips.

You can also use rivieralerts@rivier.edu to request that you not be enrolled in the system any longer.

Registering For The Everbridge Emergency Notification System (New Member) 

When you receive your invitation it should look like this:

Subject: Rivier University Emergency Notification System


Rivier University has chosen EVERBRIDGE Inc. to provide notification services during emergencies and inclement weather. As a member of the Rivier University community, you are invited to register to receive notifications through the Everbridge Aware Emergency Notification System.

Please take a few moments to register and provide your current contact information. If your contact information has already been entered in the system, please verify that it is correct. If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of this e-mail, please contact David Bedard in Rivier’s Office of Information Technology. You can reach David at (603) 897-8222 or rivieralerts@rivier.edu .

Your authorization code is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Your member ID is XXXXXXXXX.

1. Access any internet browser on any computer
2. Go to https://www.everbridge.net/nns/pub/Login.jsp?destination=/NewUserAction0.do
3. Enter (do not cut and paste) your authorization code provided above
4. Click NO when asked if you “Are an existing Everbridge Member”
5. Make note of your Member ID and create your Password
6. Select a password reminder
7. When prompted to create an alias, please provide a user ID and password that are easily remembered (you may wish to use your Rivier University email username and password to make things simple, though this is not required.) This password must include both alpha and numeric characters. The alias ID allows you to enter a memorable ID, rather than having to enter the numeric Member ID listed above each time you log-in to the Everbridge system.
8. Follow the simple instructions to enter your contact information and contact paths.
9. Click Finish to save all of your information.

*You need to set your own priority listing for the Emergency Priority, and for the Standard Priority field for each device you choose to register.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Rivier University

Once you go to the New User page your screen should look like this:

Fig. 1 

Enter your Authorization Code and click NEXT. Your screen should look like this:

Fig. 2 

Click NO. Your screen should look like this:

Fig. 3 

Complete this screen and click NEXT. Your screen should look like this:

 Fig. 4 

Complete this screen and click NEXT. Your screen should look like this:


Fig. 5 

Complete this screen and click NEXT. Your screen should look like this:


Fig. 6 

Setting Emergency Priorities
When creating/editing your Everbridge profile, you must complete the Emergency Priority section.
This section allows you to prioritize your phone numbers/email addresses according to the order in which you wish to receive messages during an emergency. You must enter a priority number for each phone number/email address—if the device has a setting of N/A, then you will not receive a notification to this device. You do not need to set priorities in the Standard Priorities section, as the University will only be using the Everbridge system during emergencies or weather closures.

See example below of a properly configured Everbridge profile. Please note that each of the five phone numbers/emails entered below has a corresponding priority setting of 1 through 5 in the Emergency Priority section. This section is highlighted in red. 


Fig. 7 

Complete this screen and click FINISH. You are now registered.

Accessing your Everbridge Profile (Already a Member) 
 Log-in to the Everbridge system, by visiting www.everbridge.net. You should get a screen that looks like this:


Fig. 8 

You can then log-in using your Member ID (username) and password. You will get a screen that looks like this:


Fig. 9 

You can edit your information and be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

If you click "New Member Registration" on Fig. 8, you will get a screen that looks like this:


Fig. 10 

This screen is for members who are registering for the first time. You will need an authorization code which is contained in the "invitation". If you are an existing member, you will not be able to get an authorization code.

Updating your Everbridge Profile
You can update your Everbridge profile as often as you like, and should do so each time your contact numbers change. Be sure to keep this information current at all times. You can easily update your information by logging into the Everbridge system.

Save your changes
You must click the SAVE button to save your Everbridge profile.

When will the system be used?
The emergency notification system will be used during a crisis or emergency, and will be used to communicate closings of the University due to inclement weather. The system is secure and personal information is private and will not be shared.

Testing of the system
The system will be tested at a minimum of once each semester. You will receive notice of scheduled tests through your Rivier e-mail account and via the Rivier University website.

What can you expect when the Emergency Notification System is used during an emergency or weather closure?
All registered users will receive messages to the numbers/email accounts that are registered with the system. The emergency notification will be sent to each of your phones/emails until you confirm receipt. You can confirm the following ways:

• Phone Calls: Remain on the line until you are asked to enter a “1” to confirm receipt.
• Text messages: Follow the instructions at the end of the text message to reply with your confirmation.
• Emails: Click the link in the body of the email to confirm receipt.

The system will continue cycling through your registered devices until you successfully confirm receipt.

Please contact the following staff members with questions:

• Kurt Stimeling, Vice President for Student Affairs, (603) 897-8247
• David Bedard, Telecommunications/Multimedia Services Manager, (603) 897-8234
• Joe McDonald, Director of Public Safety, (603) 897-8477