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Graphic Identity Guide

The Rivier University Visual Identity

With the move to University status, Rivier has embarked on a new branding initiative. The result is a new visual identity for the University which will effectively, attractively and consistently convey Rivier in all venues and forms of marketing including print publications, advertising, the Web and signage.

The new Graphic Identity Standards include:

  • our new logo
  • alternate wordmarks and symbol
  • color palette
  • approved fonts
  • electronic letter and agenda templates
  • our identity line
  • letterhead, envelopes and business cards
  • email signature formats
  • and usage specifications for all elements of our brand.


Download a pdf copy of Rivier University Graphic Identity Standards. 

Rivier University Graphical Standards Booklet Cover 

University Logo

You may download the University logo here for use in an Microsoft Office application. If you are working in another program, with a vendor, or would prefer to use one of the University’s wordmarks, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at for assistance.

Rivier University Primary Blue LogoRivier University Primary Black Logo 

Circle and Cross Symbol

The circle and cross symbol may be used on its own for a limited number of approved uses. Please reference the Graphic Identity Standards for further details on approved usage.

Rivier University Cross and Circle BlueRivier University Cross and Circle Blue 

Electronic Letterhead

This Word template is for University correspondence which must be sent electronically. It is not a substitute for using the printed letterhead. Please use our printed letterhead for all mailings.

Click here to download RIV-Electronic-Letterhead-Template.docx  

We have two versions of agenda templates in Word which may be used when developing an agenda or other form of non-official University communication.

Click here to download RIV-eAgenda-1-Template.docx
Click here to download RIV-eAgenda-2-Template.docx  

Powerpoint Template

Click here to download RIV-Presentation-Template.pptx  

Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at
(603) 897-8514.

Media Inquiries, please contact: 

Michelle C. Marrone
Office: (603) 897-8512


Patricia Garrity
Director of Marketing and Communications
Office: (603) 897-8514
Cell: (603) 670-4133

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