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I took out a loan for $5,500 but it only shows up as a deduction of $2,721 on my bill. Why is there a discrepancy?
Federal Direct loans are disbursed in two parts and the lender deducts fees of approximately 1.072% before they disburse the loan money each semester to the University. This information can be found on your loan disclosure statement.

Payment is due August 1 (Full-time DAY and Professional Studies) and September 1 (Graduate, Doctorate, Part-time DAY and Professional Studies) but I know my payment will be late. When will the late payment penalty and the finance charge get applied?
A onetime late payment fee will be applied the day after the due date; finance charges of 1 ½% will be applied to amounts past due each month.

I’m getting a scholarship from my high school. What do I need to do to deduct it from my bill?
A copy of your scholarship award letter must be given to the Business Office for consideration to defer the scholarship award amount from your bill.

I do not have a car on campus. Do I have to pay the parking decal fee?
All students are charged the parking decal fee in the fall semester which covers the entire school year. Students who do not park a car on campus can contact the Business Office to have the fee waived.

I’m a resident student and I do not want a meal plan.
All resident students are required to have a meal plan as specified in the resident contract.

I didn’t attend orientation. Why do I have to pay a “new student fee”?
All full time day students have a mandatory one time “new student fee”.

I don’t participate in any student activities. Do I have to pay the “student activity fee”?
All full time day students have a mandatory “student activity fee” each semester for the various clubs and activities on campus.

I was charged a $100 dorm damage deposit. When do I get this back?
Final damages are charged to your account within a month of move out day. The dorm damage deposit amount will be credited to your account at that time.

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